The Tools

The Scraper

Find profitable items that have sold on eBay and clone them.

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Unlimited Searches

Stop wasting your money on listing fees and your selling limit hoping that you will find some profitable item that will sell.

The Pricematik profit scraper can find an unlimited number of profitable items from any eBay seller active or sold items.

Export to Bulk List

You can export all your chosen scraped items to a bulk list and list them with the bulk lister directly to your eBay account with your desired profit margins to undercut your competition.

Sold & Active Items

The Pricematik profit scraper allows you to search for active and sold listings from any eBay seller. Scraping active item are great if the seller added new items which haven’t sold yet.

Sold & Watch Count

Quickly and easily find out the number of times any scraped items have sold or how many watchers they have. This will help you pick the best selling items to increase your sales.

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