The Tools

Listing Manager

Bird's-eye view of your listings and suppliers from one convenient place.

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Multiple eBay Accounts Support

Selling on 3 eBay stores? No problem, you’ll only need one Pricematik account for that.

Add and remove eBay store in seconds. 3-click authentication makes the process seamless and intuitive, so you can get back to working on the things that matter.

Import From eBay

You already have many listings on eBay and you don't want to add them one by one on Pricematik? No problem!

Pricematik has a built-in listing importer that you can use to automatically import all your existing listings into Pricematik.

Efficient Inventory Browsing

The Listing Manager allows you to conveniently browse your listings from a single location. Pricematik calculates several key indicators for each of your listings including your estimated profit and profit margins.

Listing Revision History

Pricematik keeps track of every revision made to your listings. On every listing, you can view any revision made to that listing in a detailed explanation of the changes made by Pricematik.

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