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Single Listing Creator

Professional drop shippers know that creating new listings is a long and tedious process. Creating a single listing manually can easily take up to 10 minutes and most of the time you will need to create dozens if not hundreds of listings in a short period of time.

Pricematik features a convenient 1-click single listing creator that pulls all the required information from your supplier and automatically builds a professional looking listing.

What does it do?
  • Pulls item title, description, images and more.
  • Resizes every image to match eBay's standards.
  • Suggests a sale price based on your preferred profit margin.
  • Configures your shipping and return policies.
  • Provides necessary product identifiers (UPC, MPN, EAN).
  • Wraps your listing into a customizable high converting template.
  • And more.

Bulk Listing Creator

With the bulk lister you create bulk lists by manually adding multiple product ID, by importing product ID from a CSV file or by importing your chosen scraped item. Then simply click the publish button and the bulk lister will start creating your listings on eBay.

Title Builder

A great, unique and accurate title is one of the best way to maximize your listing ranking on eBay. However, building a creative title can be time consuming especially when you have hundreds of listings to create.

Pricematik will suggest relevant keywords that you can use in your titles.

Customizable Listing Templates

Stand out from your competitors by wrapping your listings into a dynamic and professional looking template.

If you have some HTML development knowledge, you can create your own templates to use with Pricematik. We have designed a complete template editor that allows you to immediately see what your listing will look like.

VERO & Duplicate Protection

Many manufacturers don't allow drop shippers to resell their products. It is extremely difficult (and sometimes impossible) for drop shippers to know which items are protected by eBay's VERO program. If eBay determines you have listed a protected item, your listing will be immediately removed and you will receive a VERO strike.

Too many VERO strikes will result in a permanent account suspension!

Pricematik maintains a list of hundreds of different trademarks and copyrighted brand names. If you are about to list an item that we believe could be protected by eBay's intellectual property policies, we will automatically warn you before creating the listing.

Listing Preset

When you need to create dozens or hundreds of listings, you don't want to re-enter your shipping and return policies every time.

Pricematik's listing preset feature allows you to enter default values for recurring listing settings. Presets are like templates for settings, you can create and save as many presets as you want then apply the wanted preset to a single listing or a bulk list.

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