How does Pricematik work?

Find products

Find profitable items and clone them in seconds. Eliminate hours of research.

Create listings

Create one or hundreds of listings from our supported suppliers at the blink of an eye.

Price auto-updates

Your prices are updated automatically and synchronized with your suppliers.

Stock monitoring

Your inventory is adjusted automatically and synchronized with your suppliers.

Automatic ordering

Automatically fulfill new orders as soon as the transaction is complete.


Optimize your business and drive more sales with up-to-date inventory analytics.

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Find products

The Scrapper can find profitable items your compeditors are selling and save them in a bulk list so you can upload them on your eBay account.

  • Unlimited searches
    Perform an unlimited number of searches on any competitor.
  • Active or sold listings
    Search for active or recently sold listings for any eBay seller.
  • Export to bulk list
    Export scanned listings to a bulk list and list them on eBay.

Create listings

Create a listing by entering a product URL from a supported supplier. Automatically extract and populate title, images, description and other listing properties.

  • Single lister
    Create a listing from a product URL from any supported supplier.
  • Bulk lister
    Create and publish a bulk list of hundreds or thousands of items.
  • Title builder
    Build unique titles by selecting relevant keyword suggestions.
  • Templates
    Customize your listing description by using your own template.
  • VeRO protection
    Automatically scan your listings for potential VERO violations.

Price auto-updates

Synchronize your listing prices with the retailer. Disable your listing when the retailer is out-of-stock.

  • Price synchronization
    Adjust your listing sale price when the retailer price changes.
  • Stock monitoring
    Set your listing quantity to zero when the retailer is out-of-stock.
  • Range repricing
    Set your own profit margins based on pricing brackets.
  • Minimum profit
    Set a minimum profit threshold when repricing.
  • Sale count repricing
    Increase profit margins based on the number of recent sales.
  • Price rounding
    Set visually appealing prices for your buyers.
  • Delay detection
    Exclude offers with long handling or shipping delays.
  • Offer selection
    Ignore undesirable offers with seller feedback and rating filters.

Automatic ordering

Automatically place orders on the supplier's website as soon as the transaction completes. Ship directly to your customer address. Upload tracking numbers when they are available.

  • Tracking number upload
    Upload tracking numbers when they are made available.
  • Minimum profit
    Block orders when profit drops below your minimum threshold.
  • Mark as shipped
    Mark your orders as shipped on eBay.
  • Multiple supplier accounts
    Fulfill orders using one or multiple supplier accounts.
  • Credit card
    Use a credit card as a payment method.
  • Gift balance
    Use the supplier account's gift balance as a payment method.
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